What is this?

This is a companion website to the review paper: Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond.

This website aims to provide a comprehensive and interactive database of neural fields, often referred to as coordinate-based neural networks, neural implicits, or neural implicit representations. For more details, please see our review paper.

If you find our review and this website useful, please cite our work:

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Users can filter out desired papers by applying one or multiple filters on papers' titles, authors, keywords, or publication dates.

A scrollable and zoomable timeline can be built given a set of papers. Users can use this feature to check the trajectory of how a certain technique has evolved over time.

Citation graph offers an intuitive way to check citation relations given a single paper or a set of papers.

A bar chart ranking all keywords by their frequencies. Users can click on bars to browse through papers with corresponding keywords.

Keyword Explanations

Here are the working definitions we propose, for terms that pertain neural fields and visual computing. We encourage suggestions, edits and additions, as these definitions will surely evolve over time.

Keyword Explanation


Data accuracy

Up until the release date (Oct.29, 2021), all ~250 data entries were imported manually by our contributers. Please be patient with our mistakes and we apologize if we have misrepresented your work by accident. We encourage all authors to verify that the data corresponding to your papers are accurate by using our submission/editing tool. We also encourage all authors to update the venue, once an arXiv pre-print is accepted by a peer-reviewed venue.

Peer-review criteria

In this website, we include all published results, which includes both peer-reviewed papers and arXiv pre-prints. We recognize the importance and rigor of peer-review, so we have included the venue in each paper's landing page. When searching, you may filter for peer-reviewed papers only by selecting the corresponding check box.