Submit a new paper or update an existing paper (3 min total)

To submit a new paper or update an existing entry, please fill out this Google form.

Note: A paper can only be added or updated by its authors or our administrators. Changes will be reflected in the website upon administrators' approval. We will try our best to update your entry in a timely manner, usually within a few days.

Optional steps

If you would like to see the changes reflected more immediately, please follow these additional steps:

  • Step 1: Clone our Github Repository locally.
  • Step 2: Go to this spreadsheet, copy the row you just entered (first row).
  • Step 3 (new paper): Append the row to the top (2nd row) in file "sitedata/papers.csv" in your cloned local repository.
  • Step 3 (update existing): Replace the existing row (corresponding to your paper) in file "sitedata/papers.csv" with the row you copied.
  • Step 4: Commit changes to your cloned repository and create a pull request.